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Management of all your missions


The management and follow-up of all your assignments with Missions-Manager


Missions-Manager is based on experience in managing assignments in the auditing sector and is now available to meet the requirements and needs of the sector in order to monitor all of your assignments on a daily basis and linked to the ISQM 1 & 2 standard. Missions-Manager also enables you to manage all your assignments efficiently, as well as all related actions, through real-time and periodic monitoring.



ISQM-Manager is based on experience in risk management
and is now available to meet the multiple needs of the auditing sector in order to follow the ISQM 1 & 2 Quality Standard (international standard) on a daily basis, which is fully integrated into the software in several languages, and to make you effective in the management of quality, risks, risk responses and all related actions within your company, practice and/or network by means of real-time and periodic monitoring.



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Your missions

All your missions UNLIMITED
linked to the main objectives of
ISQM 1 & 2 standards, which involve improving the robustness
of control systems.


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to optimise all your business missions through
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MISSIONS-Manager Continuous Improvement

Following numerous discussions with auditors and auditing firms, we have put in place :
Listening to users : We are very attentive to the demands and requirements of the profession in order to respond positively to expectations and enrich the ISQM-Manager & Missions-Manager software day after day.
Improvements : We have already been able to collect new requests and integrate them directly into
MISSIONS-Manager for even more effective day-to-day use.
Cost reduction : Thanks to discussions with the profession, we have also been able to reduce the cost of using ISQM-Manager & Missions-Manager.


Why Missions-Manager

The general aim of this new module is to pursue efforts to improve the management of all your assignments in line with professional practice, and at the same time to reinforce the crucial role of financial experts in creating economic stability and confidence among all the economic and social players in our country.

The Experts

Together with our experts, we have defined and integrated all the most common assignment models, to ensure that we are as close as possible to your day-to-day business.

What does Missions-Manager do?

Manage all your missions day after day in a single tool.

Complete management of special CSA missions

1.1   The scope :

Management of assignments such as :

  • Legal transformation
  • Change of share class
  • Issue of new shares
  • Issue of convertible bonds
  • Issue below par
  • Contribution in kind
  • Merger
  • Demerger
  • ...


1.2   Documentation

For all types of missions, pre-configured models such as :

  • Budget Hours
  • Letter of assignment
  • Letter of discontinuance
  • Work programme
  • Template for a report by the board of directors
  • Valuation rules document template
  • Letter of affirmation
  • Auditor's report
  • ...

The documents are automatically merged with the data in the file, so there is no need to open the Word document to complete the document.


1.3   Forms

Suites of forms needed to collect the information required to carry out the assignment.
The forms are different for each type of assignment. Example :

  • Client information form (depending on the type of client)
  • Mission information form
  • Engagement acceptance checklist
  • Independence form
  • Declaration of independence (using a firm-wide sampling mechanism)
  • Follow-up of compromising facts
  • Questionnaire for monitoring documents to be provided by the client (interactive method)
  • Situation control form
  • Post-closing follow-up
  • ...

The forms are designed to be educational :

Depending on the answers to the questions, they indicate the risks and actions to be taken, or the documents required from the customer to ensure that the assignment runs smoothly.


1.4   AML

A module for managing contacts (legal entities or individuals) during the assignment enables you to enter the people involved in the assignment
including the information required for the AML module :

  • Address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Agent
  • Risk and comment
  • Shareholder (+ percentage of shares owned)
  • Beneficial owner
  • Director
  • PPE + Proof of screening PPE software
  • Identity card

Presence of all the necessary forms and generation of the necessary documents, such as :

  • Individual risk assessment form
  • Automated generation of the identification document and verification of the client's identity
  • Automated generation of the identification document and verification of the identity of the authorised representative
  • Automated generation of the beneficial owner declaration document
  • Client-specific AML analysis form


1.5   New features

  • Automatic generation and management of documents without having to open Word
  • Automatic PDF generation
  • Preparation of e-mails (using your e-mail application) for customers (with management of the relevant choice of sending a PDF or Word file if the customer needs to modify the document)
  • Centralisation of all documents in one place, classified by category. Forms are considered as documents.
  • Archiving management with reminders in dashboards.
  • Contact management module: manages the contact tree (companies - individuals)
  • Management of key events
  • Adds dynamic tasks during the assignment, such as :
    • Note for a colleague
    • Task validation with the option of a directive to rework the task
    • Addition of tasks during the mission when a QRA is needed (in the same mission)
    • ...

1.6   Managing the declaration of independence

  • An integrated tool to automatically send a declaration of independence survey to all the relevant people in the firm.
  • Three questions to answer and a pin code signature to guarantee that the firm complies with the standard.
  • This allows you to keep track of who has and hasn't responded, as well as the comments that emerge from the survey.

1.7   Module de gestion des apports

Pour toutes les missions qui nécessitent la gestion des apports, un module permet de gérer tous les types d’apports tels que :

  • Chaque type d’apport à ses formulaires de questions et de demandes de documents adaptés.
    • Créance
    • Immobilier
    • Immobilisations corporelles
    • Immobilisations incorporelles
    • Titres
    • Universalités de biens

Les documents introduits sont fournis avec un formulaire d’évaluation avec un système d’aide pour retrouver l’information pertinente nécessaire tels que :

  • Pour un accord :
    • Date de l'accord
    • Identité des personnes
    • Condition particulière
  • Pour une créance
    • Identité des créanciers
    • Montant
Missions-Manager applications

In addition to the software itself, there are a few other important points to bear in mind :

  • Increase your productivity
  • Work on your files more efficiently
  • Simplify all your day-to-day procedures
  • Adapted to your firm's objectives
  • Make your day-to-day operations more profitable

But also, an important part of Missions-Manager is :

  • Any information from the client's file or my assignment can be retrieved in a document, a report or statistics.
  • You can easily manage your own documents with merge fields
  • To create forms, simply fill in a structured Excel file and send it to the Missions-Manager software.
  • Easy to share settings between practices
  • Shared knowledge database that can be fed by the community

Specialised dashboard for monitoring your assignments :

  • Follow-up by major stage with integrated deadlines
  • Monitoring the progress of the entire assignment, as well as stage by stage :
    • Number of tasks already completed
    • Number of tasks remaining
    • Number of tasks overdue
    • Number of tasks awaiting another
  • Colour representing tasks in progress :
    • White: nothing done yet
      Yellow: work has started
    • Red: we're behind schedule
    • Green: all done
  • From the header, enter the mission
  • From a stage, you can carry out a task directly without entering the mission
  • Follow-up on tasks to be archived
  • Filter on tasks

Each mission model is linked to one or more official ISQM procedural models.

  • A risk response expects a certain number of tasks to be carried out
  • Tasks are directly linked to risk responses
  • Carrying out the tasks in the mission automatically activates the risk responses in a transparent way, knowing which risk it resolves
  • The manager looks at the work-oriented mission, while the ISQM manager looks at the same risk-oriented mission and risk responses.

A knowledge management module enables the firm to enhance its knowledge in the context of complex situations linked to certain categories of clients and assignments.

In addition, the database is linked to a community database already containing more than 1,300 articles, all categorised and marked with keywords to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

These articles and notices come from information sourced from

  • ICCI website
  • ITAA journals
  • The book of opinions of the Legal Committee of the Institut des Réviseurs d'Entreprises (1988-2012)

Example of keywords :

  • AML
  • AG
  • Arbitration
  • Patent
  • Crypto-currency
  • Pension funds
  • Fees
  • Examining magistrate
  • Trainee auditor
  • Holiday pay and index
  • Syndic/copropriété
  • Usufruct
  • ...

The timesheet in missions-manager is an integrated tool that lets you see how much time you, your team or your firm spend on each task in a project or file.

  • Visualise and give you a precise overview of your hours worked
  • Management of the time spent on each assignment in real time as it is carried out, with no need to enter the time spent on the assignment at the end of the week.
  • You can forecast the average time spent on each task to calculate the workload for the firm, an individual, an assignment, etc.
  • You can also compare the time requested with the time actually spent.
  • You can then create your invoices based on the hours you have worked on your files.
  • All in the blink of an eye !

In this section, we will talk about the tasks involved in managing mandates through a :

Management of the "Acceptance (C3 component)" part in the same way as a special assignment :

  • Basic document
  • Acceptance
  • AML
  • Survey for declarations of independence
  • ...

Management of the "Implementation (C4 component)" part as in ISQM

  • Everything is done in one place, so there's no need to carry out actions in the ISQM section
  • Time spent is managed
  • Management of key events
  • Access to the knowledge management module
  • ...

Our company is continuing to make the necessary developments so that auditors can monitor their practices in line with their objectives, the standards and the procedures in force.
We are currently implementing the integration of all invoicing on a fixed-price or TimeSheet basis, depending on the client's assignment files.
Of course, we remain vigilant to the many demands of auditors and firms, and to standards, in order to provide professional and specialised software for the entire profession.

Languages Missions-Manager

We currently work mainly with the following languages: FR – NL – EN
Demo languages : FR – NL – EN
The following languages are also available:
PL – DE – AR – BG – CN – HR – DA – ES – ET -FI – EL – HU – GA – IS
IT – JPN – LV – LT – ML – NO – PT – RO – RU SK – SL – SV – CS – TR – UK

From 10 October 2023, we will be introducing

A mechanism for any ” JOINT REQUEST ” with a simultaneous order
and a simultaneous signature by several firms.
ESOMUS is introducing a 20% discount which will be granted
only on the setup of each practice that signs simultaneously.
At the time of the request, each firm’s purchase order must be signed within 10 days of the joint request.


Thank you very much.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust.
.It’s a real pleasure and a challenge to bring your business requirements to the fore.
We would also like to thank all our partners and our entire team
our team, who are on hand to support you with the
ISQM-Manager and/or MISSIONS-Manager.
We are also constantly innovating and developing the tools you need
to make you even more efficient day after day.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

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